This is a 1935 map of Michigan produced by The Gulf Refining Company (also known as Gulf Oil) and Printed by Rand McNally. Gulf Oil existed from 1901 till 1984 when it merged with Standard Oil Of California (or SoCal). SoCal, one of the “Seven Sister” formed durring the antitrust breakup of Standard Oil in 1911. Gulf Oil and SoCal both rebranded as Chevron in 1985. In 2001 Chevron acquired Texaco becoming Chevron Texaco till 2005 when Chevron decided it didn’t like that name anymore and went back to just Chevron…we could continue to talk about mergers and acquisitions, violations of the clean air act, oil spills in angola, ect… but hey this isn’t about oil companies it’s about maps. Maybe latter I’ll do one of those oil company flowcharts and we can really get into this, but for now back to the maps.

As mentioned, this map was printed by Rand McNally 1935, it is possibly one of the last printed by Rand for Gulf since for some unknown reason Gulf switched to Gallup Co. for their map printing needs the next year. Dropping the 3 attendants dilligently taking the utmost care of your vehicle for the simpler[read as: cheaper]¬†Gulf service station sign and car¬†front page which they used until the early 1950’s. Possibly gulf didnt want to give false hopes to moterists that their vehicle would be taken care of this well…cheaper.

Now to the main event. Click to enlarge(I warn you it’s readable)